JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia"

PJSC "Kyiv Electrical Carriage-Repair Plant"


Since the beginning of electrification of separate feeders and manufacture of the first electric multiple-unit trains by Riga Carriage Works, the Kyiv Electric Car Repair Plant began to master implementation of this type of repair electric multiple unit rolling stock.  To date, overhaul of all electric multiple-unit trains of EP series has been mastered.

Overhaul of the scope KR-1 includes:

● partial disassembly and repair of interior structures of cars;

● repair of corrosion damaged body parts of cars;

● repair of internals: window frames, doors, luggage racks, sofas, electrical cabinets;

● repair of trolleys, including frame of wheeled motor block, housings, gears, springs and other suspension components;

● repair of brake and pneumatic equipment;

● repair of electrical apparatus and equipment, wiring layouts;

● repair of drive motors and auxiliary electrical machines.

Since 2006, the plant started to master overhauls of home-made rolling stock of PJSC "Luganskteplovoz." During the year, overhaul of diesel-powered streamliners of DTL and DPL series of the scope of KR-1 has been mastered.  This has been followed by a range of upgrades aimed at strengthening the supporting structures of bodies (revision of side walls with finishing welded to the frame of the carriage, reinforced buffer beams in places of fixing buffers of vestibule platforms, furnishing of footboards with steps, upgrading of structures and sealing of toilet facilities, etc.), improving internal structures of diesel-powered streamliners (drive systems of external sliding doors, cabin doors, intercar connections, heating and lighting of car interior).

Since 2007, the experts of JSC "KEVRZ" have mastered overhaul of electric multiple-unit train of series EPL2T No. 002 of the scope KR-1. Currently, six electric multiple-unit trains of series EPL2T have been refurbished.

In 2013 the plant mastered and released from overhaul its first AC electric multiple-unit train of series EPL9T No. 001.

Overhauls of trains of these series is complicated by the fact that they are of experimental nature and each number has its structural differences. This, in turn, leads to the development of unconventional technical equipment and new processes. In addition, all electric multiple-unit trains of a given series was equipped by manufacturer using various electronic systems that do not meet modern requirements and eventually discontinued.  In spite of this, the company elaborates individual engineering solutions to meet their overhaul suing modern materials and new technologies.

With the development of overhaul of AC and DC electric multiple-unit trains of EPL series of the scope of KR-1, 11 upgrades were introduced (reinforced body frames and trolleys, strap assemblies of undercar equipment, improved mechanisms of external sliding salon doors, replaced intercar connections, improved warning systems, cars interior heating, insulation of driver's cab, etc.) aimed at improving the design of the series of trains and eliminating structural deficiencies identified during the operation in the pre-rapair period. Upgrades at the plant are accompanied with the development in line with PKTBRL in Poltava and the manufacturer of engineering solutions and projects.

Given the lifetime and mileage, electric multiple-unit trains are subject to overhaul of the scope of KR-2, which includes the works stipulated by the scope of KR-1, and additionally:

● complete disassembly of interior structures, dismantling of internal, undercar and roofing equipment of cars;

● cleaning car bodies from dirt and old paint-and-lacquer coatings;

● repair of damaged car body parts with replacement of footboards and boards of lower, outer sliding door cards;

● complete replacement of insulation, floor boards, walls and cladding panels of side walls made ​​of non-combustible materials;

● replacement of alkyd linoleum flooring for transport PVC linoleum;

● repair of electrical apparatus with full replacement of power circuit wiring and control circuits;

● corrosion-resistant coating and painting of cars.

In 2013, for the first time in Ukraine the plant has mastered and performed an overhaul of electric multiple-unit train of series ED9M of the scope of KR-2 of Demikhovo Machinebuilding Plant in Russian Federation.

Despite the lack of appropriate design documentation in Ukraine, the plant managed to complete overhaul of ED9M No. 0062. For this the plant conducted production-support work and its modernization, prepared the necessary standard technical documents.

In carrying out overhaul of electric multiple-unit trains PJSC "KEVRZ" uses modern materials that meet state standards, guidelines, fire and sanitary and epidemiological requirements.  The company conducts modernization on a by-order basis aimed at improving the performance and safety of movement, as well as improving the interior and exterior of cars.