JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia"

PJSC "Kyiv Electrical Carriage-Repair Plant"


In 1998 the plant mastered a new kind of overhaul - overhaul reconditioning (KRP) with service life extension of trains beyond their useful life of 28 years and require scrapping.

Currently, the plant has performed overhaul reconditioning of electric multiple-unit trains of series EP-1, EP-2, ER9P, ER9M, ER9E to extend the service life to 45 or 50 years, depending on specifications used for KRP. This, in turn, significantly saves the customer funds allowing to abandon purchase of new trains. Thus, even if it is possible to procure new trains, scrapping the old ones is inappropriate. KRP with additional upgrade is a decent way to recondition rolling stock. In terms of performance, refurbished electric multiple-unit trains fully comply with the current standard technical documents and detailed engineering drawings, and can be operated on any rail with rail width 1520 mm electrified with direct and alternating current.

The plant performed appropriate production-support work for overhaul of electric multiple-unit trains of series EP2P, EP2T to meet the needs of railways.

Overhaul reconditioning of rolling stock is carried out with the involvement of research organizations to examine and evaluate the technical condition of supporting structures, as well as determine the residual life of rolling stock subject to repair using metrological control of supporting elements of cars and trolleys, as well as non-destructive testing in areas specified by specialists. The scope of reconditioning of cars to be determined after measuring the thickness of metal of the basic elements as specified in the GT guideline of fault detection of car bodies of electric multiple-unit trains with service life over 28 years. Test results are recorded in the form of test sheets, performance evaluation sheets and measurement protocols. Cracks identified during fault detection of trolley frames to be welded in compliance with "Implementing Guidance for Welding During Repair of Diesel Locomotives, Electric Locomotives and Multiple-Unit Rolling Stock" CTtep/251.  Restoring trolley frames with cracks in areas not covered by CTtep/251 to be welded under developed scientific management of documents (repair bulletins, engineering solutions, etc.).

Scope of work of KRP includes:

● works of the scope of KR-2 in accordance with the "Overhaul Policy for electric multiple-unit trains and electrosections ЕР1, ЕР2 v/i, ЕP9v/i" CT-0113;

● works to determine suitability of trolley frames of motor-driven, main and trailer cars for overhaul;

● rebuilds of trolley frames of motor-driven, main and trailer cars to ensure their further service for a period of time referred to in specifications;

● works to determine suitability of worn bodies of motor-driven, main and trailer cars for overhaul;

● rebuilds of bodies of motor-driven, main and trailer cars to ensure their further service for a period of time referred to in specifications;

● works for corrosion protection of car bodies and trolley frames as per design documentation of the manufacturer or in accordance with special projects;

● works to improve comfort of car interior (as agreed with the customer) according to the established procedure of approved modernization project;

● troubleshooting of supporting structures using NDT methods (magnetic, ultrasound);

● repair of defects identified by NC in accordance with specifications and CTtep/251.

In KRP cars of electric multiple-unit trains undergo significant modernization, i.e most of the supporting structures are replaced. The following basic elements of car body are subject to refurbishment:


Cleaning the frame of dirt, rust, lacquer-and-paint coating. Performing flaw detection of welds in joints of the main frame elements. Measuring the thickness of the rolled Z-frame profile metal using ultrasonic thickness gauge. Replacing or reinforcing rolled Z-profile frame and other parts damaged by corrosion with welding new ones. Anticorrosion treatment of frame using rust penetrating solvents, primers FL-03 (GF-021).

Metal flooring

Cutting old sheets of metal flooring with manufacturing and welding new ones. Anticorrosion treatment of new sheets of metal flooring using primers (VL-02, GF-021, paint "Hummeright", etc.). Draining holes.  Putting noise-proof mastic. 


Cleaning rounding sheets from dirt, rust and old paint. Replacing central roof sheets along the entire length of the car. Manufacturing, installing and welding new roof sheets, electrical brackets. Anticorrosion treatment of the roof.   Putting noise-proof mastic. 

Frontal and end wall

Cleaning frontal and end wall of dirt, rust and old paint. Partial replacement of corrosion-damaged sheets of finishing of frontal and end wall with welding new parts.  Anti-corrosion treatment of frontal and end walls of the body. Putting noise-proof mastic. Welding additional profiles for later installation of metal cabinets of tambours instead of wooden ones.

Side walls of car body

Cleaning side walls of cars of dirt, old paint, corrosion. Cutting and welding new sheets of breast, doorway pillars, lower decorative band, mounting bracket for sofas, breast hardness profiles, pins and window frame supporting brackets.

Applying protective coating on the cleaned parts of side walls that can not be replaced and welding new ones using primers VL-02, FL-03 (GF-021). Putting noise-proof mastic.

In addition, in the course of KRP the following activities can be carried out:

● equipment of car tambours with metal lockers instead of wooden ones;

● installation of new steel doors (cabin, automatic, tambour);

● installation of new luggage racks of type EP9M by PJSC "KEVRZ".