JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia"

PJSC "Kyiv Electrical Carriage-Repair Plant"


The plant performs overhauls on a by-order basis with further reequipment aimed at improving safety, conditions for carriage of passengers and locomotive crews. From then on can electric multiple-unit trains be operated as enhanced-comfort trains. Side walls of car's interior of electric multiple-unit trains to be equipped with thermoformed panels instead of plastic ones.    The use of such panels allows to reduce costs by eliminating installation of aluminum window frames. Car's interior side walls to be equipped with emergency exit window units to enhance the security of passengers.

Modern high-quality, reliable, sealed fiberglass window units with improved insulating properties are preferred to regular metal high density polyethylene windows. In addition, car's interior can be equipped with enhanced-comfort sofas or couches blocks, information and warning signs, improved design seat numbers, car attendant seat, pantry for tools, bicycle platforms, seats for disabled, railings like in subway cars, platforms for luggage, bar counter, blinds, curtains, lower ventilation ducts painted with white powder paint.

For passengers' convenience car's interiors are equipped with electronic information displays and auditory accompaniment sound system for baggage allowance rules, safety landing, stops etc. with cab control.

The plant also performs on a by-order basis replacement of main parts of cars with installation of upgraded driver's cab internals:  driver's desk, frontal windows with electric heating, forced air heating systems and more.

Instead of regular route signs located on side walls, main cars shall be equipped with electronic route signs installed over the frontal windows in the area of spotlight.

Driver's cab is equipped with:

● self-standing opening-closing automatic doors of one tambour;

● enhanced-comfort ergonomic seats for driver and assistant;

● thermoformed panels;

● modern, high-quality, reliable, and sealed side windows with better insulation properties due to fiberglass and profiles.

New structures with improved properties are installed along the side walls of car's interior.

Tambours of cars are equipped with:

● trash bins made of polished stainless steel;

● aluminum flooring;

● footboards and bottom steps made of stainless steel.

decorative elements at the joints require treatment with special decorative profile;

● doors with automatic door locking devices;

● video surveillance system that operates automatically during operation and conservation of electric multiple-unit train with data storage on a long-term basis.

One of the cars of electric multiple-unit train can be equipped with a bar counter with a mini-refrigerator showcase, sink, microwave oven, coffee and tea machine, TV-set.


Opposite to the bar counter shall be a bar rack, pantry for storage of equipment and products.   Bar room is separated from the passenger area suing mini-partitions.

Tables can be set between the soft seats for convenience of passengers.

Dressing rooms of main and trailing cars to be fitted with enhanced-comfort equipment set (mirror, washroom bowl, cabinet, fiber glass tray) and sealed flooring. Heating of dressing room is assumed: water heater tank, dressing room system, sewage pipes, including during conservation of cars.


Increased safety of movement is provided by reequipment of traction drive (installation of fabricated construction gear, replacement of pinion shaft assembly), installation of heating controls, box, fire alarm, real time fault diagnosis and condition of assemblies.

When box heating control system is mounted on the electric multiple-unit train, trolley cars are equipped with optional junction boxes, conduits and cables, box casings for installing heating control sensors.

Heating temperature of each box is displayed on the driver's cab console.

In addition, electric multiple-unit trains of EPL series can be equipped with certified fire detection and alarm system designed for fire detection and notification of unauthorized entry into compartments of cars.

Car's interior and driver's cab are equipped with fire detection and alarm system sensors. Electrical cabinets are provided with fire alarm sensors.

All types of repairs performed by PJSC "KEVRZ" shall be in accordance with the design documentation, modernization projects approved in the prescribed manner. The plant is ready to perform on a by-order basis other works and reequipment involving project organizations to develop appropriate documentation.