JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia"

PJSC "Kyiv Electrical Carriage-Repair Plant"


Manufacturing and technological capabilities allow the plant to conduct repair of car bodies deformed in accidents and fires, as well as complex modernization.

Cleaning of car frame of dirt. Measuring the thickness of metal of frame main elements in areas identified using fault detection. Instrumental monitoring of horizontal and vertical car frame deflection. Levelling car frame in the horizontal plane and its fixation. Reinforcing car frame to prevent further deformation.

Restoration of faulty damaged cars is carried out using scientific organizations with elaboration of engineering solutions to extend the service life. Depending on the condition of supporting structures of cars its is also possible to perform the replacement of its main elements by manufacturing new ones.

Cutting damaged side walls of cars. Fabricating side walls on specialized launching slipways. Applying protective coating. Levelling, fixing and welding side walls to car frame.

Complete replacement of car roof with welding new arcs between side walls as per requirements of design documentation. Control of vertical and horizontal arrangement of arcs. Applying protective coating. Manufacturing and welding new car roof sheets.